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Dr. Cokley's research agenda consists of three primary foci: 1) the sociocultural and socioemotional needs of Black girls in schools;  2) the use of Sista Circle Methodology and group counseling interventions; and 3) anti-racist counselor training and supervision. You may review select scholarship and a full CV below.


  • Clemmons, K. L. & Cokley, R. K. (2022). “There isn’t a racist bone in my body!”: A case study on fostering anti-racism in school counseling. In K. F. Johnson, N. Sparkman-Key, A. Meca, & S. Z. Tarver (Eds.), Developing anti-racist practices in the helping.

  • Gonzalez, I. & Cokley, R. K. (2021). The case for a core anti-racist counseling course for counselors in training. Teaching and Supervision in Counseling, 3(2)(4), 26-37.

  • Cokley, R. K. & Crumb, L. (2020). #BlackGirlMagic: The (mis)education of gifted Black girls from economically disadvantaged, rural communities. In C. R. Chambers & L. Crumb (Eds.), African American rural education: College transitions and postsecondary experiences (pp. 67-83). Emerald.

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